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Let’s talk about something uncomfortable – male suicide

Warning: this may be a trigger for some people. In recent years, we’ve seen some shocking suicides take place in the public eye; from Robin Williams to Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell. What’s worse, is that often a suicide of one, can spur more, and a massive four out of 10 men are said to […]

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How to look after your mental health at Christmas

It’s a festive time where people are jolly, friends and family gather, cheerful music plays everywhere, and there’s also the potential for a lot of stress… No matter whether you have big plans or small plans for Christmas this year, you need to make sure you look after your mental health this festive period. Here’s […]

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Christmasini at Espressini

We are super excited that Espressini in Falmouth have very kindly offered to raise funds and create a bursary for Sea Sanctuary at their Christmasini on 6th & 7th December 2018. Please join us.

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Giving Tuesday – What’s it All About and How can You Get Involved?

You might have heard of Giving Tuesday, and be wondering what it’s all about. We’re here to clue you up on one of the UK’s biggest charity days, and tell you how you can get involved. Giving Tuesday began in the UK in 2014 and raises millions of pounds every year for charities. The event […]

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The Jem Fund

When we were approached by Jem a 10 year old boy, who decided to donate his summer savings to Sea Sanctuary, we could barely believe it; such a wonderful act of kindness. His big heart, contagious smile and inquisitive nature won us all over and he gets the badge of being the youngest person to make a donation to our mental health charity. Read about why he wished to set up a bursary.

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Letters to Our Past Selves – Get Involved with Our Latest Campaign

You may have seen us sharing some blog posts entitled ‘Letter to My Past Self’ and be wondering what they’re about and who they’re from. The ones written already were collected from people close to us when we posed them the question, ‘If you could say anything to your past self about your mental health, […]

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Letter to My Past Self – Schizophrenia Me

A version of myself 10 years ago, freshly diagnosed with schizophrenia, was terrified. The thoughts went around like a carousel in my head. ‘I can’t ever shake this. I don’t even know what’s real anymore and even if I did know what’s real, would I realise it?’ I couldn’t look at anyone… Eye contact was […]

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Letter to My Past Self – Eating Disorder Me

‘It’s okay,’ your Mum had said to you as she saw you staring at the sandwich you’d just bought. She was already half way into hers and you were still just staring at your own, holding it between your hands like something you’d been waiting for, for a long time. She must have noticed your […]

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A Letter to My Past Self – Anxiety Me

It’s anxiety, making you feel like this. It’s the claws of that evil feeling that spreads through your body out of control, from your mind to the palms of your sweaty hands and the back of your shaking knees. You don’t know now, how much you’ll grow and overcome. Right now all you can think […]

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Letter to my Past Self – Depression Me

It’s almost like there’s something tuning out all of the noise. Then sometimes all you can hear is loud thoughts, restless thoughts. You go through a routine, most days, but you don’t feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. You sit alone at night, tears comforting you, wondering what you could have done in the […]

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People with eating disorders can sometimes become obsessive with exercise and do too much, as well as being incredibly strict with their food habits. Their mood could also be up and down, irritable, and change from their usual attitude.

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