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What is Sea Sanctuary?

Sea Sanctuary is a one of a kind mental health charity based in Penryn, Cornwall. We began back in 2006 as a small team with big ideas. We were the first and only National Health Service (NHS) commissioned charity for psychological support, and we were the first service of our kind in European waters, and possibly, the world.


During our time, we’ve helped hundreds of people each year, and developed our programmes to be the best they can be. We offer unique ways to help people build their emotional resilience, turn their lives around in the face of a crisis, or help people work through things in a different way to traditional methods. We do this with our Sail into Life programme, and our on-land Water’s Edge facility.

A recent review of our work indicates that 84% of those accessing Sea Sanctuary had an improved sense of wellbeing, were better able to manage their symptoms of anxiety and depression, and had a more positive outlook.

We’ve grown stronger each year and in 2018, we’re really letting the wind fill our sails.

The ARC project is underway, designed to be a floating wellbeing hub, able to treat those with even the most complex of symptoms or diagnosis. This won’t just be a hub to treat though; it’s also a hub to improve emotional resilience.

We’ll be conducting programmes for those in the 999 services to help make their mental wellbeing more robust, in order to cope with their stressful roles more effectively. Veterans will also be able to benefit from The ARC too.

Sea Sanctuary has also recognised the need for more support for young people in Cornwall, and so The ARC is designed to support those who might be otherwise signposted out of Cornwall for help.

Sea Sanctuary is excited to bring its award-winning programmes and techniques and implement them in a unique and much-needed hub in Cornwall that will function all year round with 24-hour a day support.

Water’s Edge, our on-land facility which allows us to offer a raft of programmes to those without sea legs or who want to take part in our creative mental health offerings.

Beautifully positioned looking out onto the Penryn River, Water’s Edge  offer our clients the opportunity to socialise, regroup, relax, and find inner stability through a range of activities.

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