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Our Patron:

Caroline Quentin

In 2015, the very lovely Caroline Quentin jumped aboard with Sea Sanctuary, to become our patron.

Caroline is a very popular British TV star known for her hugely successful roles in programmes such as Jonathon Creek, Men Behaving Badly, and Blue Murder, so we’re thrilled to have such a high-profile person representing our Cornish charity.

Caroline is a fantastic patron who understands everyone can be susceptible to bouts of mental ill health. Caroline says: ‘I’ve been pretty lucky, but had tough times, like everyone, including a couple of miscarriages and losing my eldest sister and my mother. I can have quite extreme swings of mood – my mother was bipolar – and I think there’s elements of that in me.

‘If I get low, I go walking or busy myself gardening as I’m a firm believer in the healing power of open spaces and recognising the enormity and beauty of nature. A sense of humour’s vital – I always try to see the funny side of life.’

Thanks for joining us on the journey Caroline!

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