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Actualise, Reintegrate + Change

At Sea Sanctuary, we’re proud to be making good progress with our new mental health service, The ARC. We’re repurposing a large 53m Dutch coaster to be our new floating and mobile wellbeing hub. The ARC will be moored near to our Sea Sanctuary headquarters, set against the beautiful Cornish scenery and sit right on the water that has been key to Sea Sanctuary’s success.

The ARC is going to be a very popular service; it will offer both residential and day support to lots of different people, some will be in the blue light and emergency services and might need help to boost their emotional resilience to protect against future stressors, while others might be young people who would usually be sent out of county for the help they need. Veterans will also be welcomed and be offered support for trauma related illnesses.

The objective of The ARC is to give support and services to those who need our care and expertise, but are often unable to reach it through traditional channels. What’s more, The ARC will be a multifaceted service, also offering care to those at crisis point who are in desperate need of intervention.

The ARC will provide care and support by forging partnerships with the local 999 community, Veterans, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), and the NHS.

If you’d like to find out more about The ARC, just head to our website for further information.