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Blue Health

While the term blue health may be appearing in many search engines and be a hot topic in different arenas these days, the sentiment behind it is something that’s been integral to Sea Sanctuary’s very success.


Blue health is the initiative we were founded on. Blue health is what’s made us so unique and put us at the forefront of innovative mental healthcare.

What’s more, our blue health services have been recognised by a number of institutions and earned us awards. We’ve even been a runner up in the prestigious National Lottery Awards.

At Sea Sanctuary, we firmly believe the sea has a profound impact on mood and this is why it’s an integral part of our ethos, and the backdrop for all of our interventions, treatments, and services.

Have you ever stood and looked at the sea and felt more relaxed, calmer, and yet revitalised within? Research has deduced that people with access to blue spaces recognise that they have a positive effect on their wellbeing

It’s no secret the sea has a therapeutic quality and many find it exciting and magical, with ‘moods to fill the storehouse of the mind’ as Hilaire Belloc excellently wrote in his book The Cruise of the Nona back in 1925.

Our four-day Sail into Life programme allows our clients to be at one with the sea, enjoying the space and the sensory awareness. Client sailors are able to feel the motion of the boat on the water, enjoy the sea salt scented breeze, and are given the challenge and opportunity to explore themselves and our often self-imposed limitations. The four days on our beautiful yacht, along with education, relationships, and the quality of the sea, give our clients time to open up and explore subjects and areas of their lives that have been off-limits, sometimes for years.

As one Sea Sanctuary client summarised so brilliantly, her time with Sea Sanctuary provided, ‘the most fulfilling and soul searching days of my life’.

Blue health is a pan-European research initiative investigating the links between environment, climate, and health. It is funded by the EU’s Horizon2020. It is being led by researchers at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, and includes partners from seven other European countries.

Research on The Blue Health Project is in its early stages, but a team from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a research centre supported by the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation, has undertaken the first international review of quantitative studies—35 in total—on the health effects of blue space. Their findings show that contact with blue space is beneficial, particularly for mental health and well-being but also in terms of promoting physical exercise.

Mireia Gascon, an ISGlobal researcher and the first author of the study, explains that ‘the health effects of blue space is an emerging topic of study as most of the work has been done in the last five years’. In her opinion ‘these findings suggest that outdoor blue spaces have potential benefits for health, particularly in terms of mental health, general well-being and physical activity’.