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One-to-One Therapy

Sea Sanctuary offers confidential counselling and talking therapy sessions, to help you improve your wellbeing


Are you experiencing a difficult time or going through distressing events in your life?

Do you have a general underlying feeling of anxiety or dissatisfaction?

Feeling isolated, or don’t feel like you can talk with family or friends?

Don’t suffer in silence.

Our Qualified Accredited Therapists at Sea Sanctuary can help and guide you through rough waters with individual psychotherapy/counselling sessions to nurture a more positive and fulfilling life.



How Individual Therapy Helps

Individual therapy is a relational facilitative process between a therapist and a person in therapy.

The goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life through self-exploration and understanding. It can enhance well-being by developing positive feelings such as compassion, self-esteem and self-awareness as well as cultivate new strategies of coping with difficulty or distress in life.

Clients who take part in individual therapy at Sea Sanctuary report that they feel better about themselves and are more confident regarding their ability to manage issues related for example to stress, anxiety and depression.


Personal empowerment and enrichment

There is something liberating about talking out your problems, letting your feelings come to the surface, and freeing yourself from your past burdens.

However, individual counselling isn’t just for talking.

At Sea Sanctuary our experienced individual therapists are able to support and teach a variety of life skills and coping mechanisms that may help you to manage issues related to mental, emotional, physical and behavioural disharmony.


Session Details

Individual therapy sessions take place at our Sea Sanctuary offices or Water’s Edge.

The length of session can be tailored to your need but most commonly sessions last for 1 hour.

These sessions are useful for those working through specific problems, or those that want to spend some time over a course of weeks or months building a relationship with one of our mental health specialists to improve their wellbeing all in the safety of our Sea Sanctuary space.

Call Anita on 01326 378 919 or email to find out more about the therapy options Sea Sanctuary can offer, costs and availability.