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Anchor School

Fundraising within schools isn’t just about raising money for a good cause, it’s also about creating a positive education environment with relationships and community at it’s heart. It’s about encouraging students to get involved in fundraising activities to gain confidence, self- esteem and reduce social isolation. We believe these initiatives can allow schools to reap rich rewards.

So why not jump on board with us as an Anchor School and help Sea Sanctuary continue our invaluable work in providing a service to some of the most vulnerable young people in society suffering with mental health issues.


Why is it Important?

Young people nowadays face many overwhelming challenges.  Some may struggle with the transition to junior or secondary school and will naturally have anxieties about lots of issues, such as making friends, bullying or falling behind academically.  This in addition to any stresses of home life and the results may manifest into what might be perceived as bad behaviour.

When youngsters struggle to cope, it can lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction and experimenting with substances, and other negative mental health side effects.

Supporting a charity such a Sea Sanctuary will make a real impact. Our charity will not only educate your students about social responsibility and social entrepreneurship, but also help increase your students’ understanding of mental health and wellbeing and help to reduce stigma around these issues.

Choose Sea Sanctuary

Mental health is all around us and has never before been more in the spotlight.

Through fundraising and raising the awareness of our work, you will help us to continually work with young people and families, giving them the support they deserve to lead healthy lives.

Children are passionate about fundraising and helping to raise money for others, and working with Sea Sanctuary can help understanding and encourage empathy of the needs of others, by involving the students to share ideas, learn new skills, and develop and build new relationships and trust.

How will we support you?

We want to help you get the best out of your fundraising experience and help you reach your target. The Sea Sanctuary team can work with you and it’s a great way to encourage students to take the lead in organising events and coming up with fundraising ideas which can boost their own confidence and wellbeing.

We can provide you with a range of fundraising materials, along with support and information about what we do along the way.

We have partnership opportunities for both primary and secondary schools.



Fundraising ideas for schools

There are so many fantastic fundraising ideas your school can use all year round to support Sea Sanctuary. Here are just a few:

  • Dress-down or themed days – pupils and staff pay a pound not to wear uniform
  • Bake sales – No soggy bottoms: bakers should be ready to show off their culinary skills and hold a playground cake sale for pupils, staff, parents and the community
  • Car wash – pull the sponges out and get the whole school involved in washing parents’ cars.
  • Sponsored walk, swim, run, sing, dance, skip, or sit in a bath of beans –  and ask for sponsorship while doing so
  • Wig Wednesday – Wear a colourful wig and make a donation in return
  • School disco – Have you got smooth moves? Sell tickets, get dancing, have fun, and raise money for Sea Sanctuary in the process
  • Sports day – combine fundraising with your school’s existing sports day. Charge friends and family to watch and sell refreshments to boost your fundraising total
  • Talent show – dance, sing, and show your talents for Sea Sanctuary, £5 per entry and sell tickets for the show to loved ones
  • Quiz fundraiser – get your thinking caps on and organise a quiz. Collect an entry fee from every player and see which team will be victorious
  • Organise a fair – invite your local community

What we Offer Anchor Schools

We would feel privileged for your school to support the work of Sea Sanctuary. In return for choosing to fundraise for Sea Sanctuary we are delighted to be able to offer the following:

  • A school assembly pack and representative from the charity (location dependent)
  • Guidance on incorporating positive mental health in the classroom
  • Staff wellbeing checks (combine with EAP)
  • Basic advice and guidance to young people with mental health issues
  • Help with organising and advertising fundraising activities, including fundraising materials
  • We will provide regular updates on how your support is helping, so you can clearly communicate the impact you are making to your students
  • School logo to feature on our website, social media platforms and in a range of advertising and promotional campaigns throughout the year
  • All pupils from our top fundraising school will go into a prize draw, with the winners being offered a day sail or activity day



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