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How to look after your mental health at Christmas

It’s a festive time where people are jolly, friends and family gather, cheerful music plays everywhere, and there’s also the potential for a lot of stress…

No matter whether you have big plans or small plans for Christmas this year, you need to make sure you look after your mental health this festive period. Here’s what you can do to take care of your wellbeing.


Eat well

We all might eat a few too many potatoes when a piled plate of roast dinner is put in front of us, but in general, eating well improves your mental and physical health. Try to make sure you don’t spend days at a time overindulging on mince pies and other festive treats, as you could notice a dip in your wellbeing.

Take some time out

It doesn’t matter if you’re going away for Christmas or staying at home, take some to yourself and slow down. Why not practice mindfulness, take some time to reflect, and emerge from the festive break with a better perspective in a good position to start the new year.

Exercise as usual

If you exercise normally, try not to break up your routine over Christmas. If you can’t hit the gym, make sure you take some brisk winter walks, head to the pool, and dance a little bit more at Christmas parties. Exercise is proven to be good for your mental health, so keep it up!

Good deeds

Take care of the people around you at Christmas, you’ll be able to improve your own mental health by looking after others. Often giving people your time can be one of the most valuable gifts you can offer. Read more about gifts that can improve your own mental wellbeing, here. It’s also important to keep in touch with your family and friends over Christmas, so make sure you reach out if you’re able.

Listen to yourself

If your mind or body is telling you not to go to that big event tonight or someone’s trying to convince you to pay a visit somewhere and you don’t feel up to it, listen to yourself. If you suffer from a mental health problem, don’t put pressure on yourself to do more than you can cope with this Christmas. If you feel pressure from others, politely explain that your mental health means you’re not able to do everything, and that’s okay.

Reach out

If you feel like you need some help over Christmas, then reach out and ask for it. There’s support from friends and family, and even strangers if you need it. Contact one of these help numbers if you need to, even if you just feel like you need someone to chat with. Talk about your feelings where you can, keep the lines of communication open, and prioritise your mental health.


The Sea Sanctuary team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year!

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Posted on December 21, 2018
By Ashe Fox
In Blog, Featured, Mental Health Blogs

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