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Kernow Map Co. Bursary

We were delighted when Andy and Zoe contacted us about their new company Kernow Map Co who wish to donate 10% of all proceeds to Sea Sanctuary.

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How can Your Workplace Take Care of Your Mental Health?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and here at Sea Sanctuary we know it’s incredibly important for employers and workplaces to be supportive of good mental health. We run Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) so that employees can be happier in the workplace, be more emotionally resilient, and feel better supported by their employers while […]

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Willow & Stone Bursary

Sea Sanctuary were delighted when local Falmouth business Willow & Stone held a sale evening and charity raffle, donating the proceeds to Sea Sanctuary and raising awareness of our cause.

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Practicing Gratitude – What are You Grateful For?

Sometimes, it’s incredibly easy to feel down; everything might be going wrong, relationships could be breaking down, your health might be deteriorating, money could be tight, and stress might be completely consuming you until you feel like you’re permanently on the edge. We know, how easy it is to let feelings of negativity slip in, […]

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Stress Awareness Month – How to Recognise Stress

Each April is Stress Awareness Month and since its inception in 1992, experts have been attempting to not only make people more aware of stress and how it’s caused, but also educate about how damaging it can be and ways to alleviate it. We’re listing some of the symptoms of stress so you can recognise […]

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Recognising an Eating Disorder

You may have noticed your relationship with food has changed and be wondering if it’s for the better, or you may be watching someone you care about struggle with the way or how much they eat (which can be incredibly painful for both of you). We’re here to outline how to recognise an eating disorder, […]

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What an Anxiety Attack Feels Like and How to Cope

You may know someone with anxiety and are trying to help them cope, you may suffer with anxiety yourself and be wondering if your symptoms are like everyone else, or you may just be curious; for whatever reason you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about mental health. […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mental Health

In December everyone excitedly asks ‘What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’ and many people may respond, ‘Lose weight,’ or ‘Change job,’, or ‘Buy a house,’, but by the end of January and as the year goes on, you can start to feel a little deflated if things haven’t gone as planned, and you may even feel […]

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Gifts You Can Create, Make, or Give to Improve Your own Well-Being

We recently wrote a blog about Christmas gifts you can give to help people with their well-being in the New Year, but we’ve also come up with a number of gifts you can create, make, or put together, that are incredibly thoughtful and help you with your own mental well-being in the process! Take a look […]

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Best Christmas Gifts to Help Someone Improve their Well-Being

It’s Christmas and everyone is working hard to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year. However, the winter can be hard for some – whether they expect it or not. When you’re bustling around town to buy presents, why not consider some of our gift suggestions to help people improve their well being […]

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‘The huge distances often involved rule out regular visits from friends and relatives, at a time when their support matters most.’ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #nhs #mentalhealthcharity #mentalhealthmatters #patients #mentalillness #wellbeing