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Our Assessments

We have used our CORE assessments for the last eight years

The assessment process is informal and carried out at our offices in Penryn

The assessment is a tool which allows us to decide on the best way to support people wishing to use our service. It was fundamentally developed to answer two questions; firstly, is accessing our service/project beneficial and secondly, is it safe to do so.

Whilst we are obviously interested in how mental health impacts mood, we are also interested in medication, physical health and current (and lost) support networks.

We will also ask about life before poor mental health (if appropriate) as we want to better understand the journey. This is often referred to as the ‘premorbid status’. It’s really a question around the level of functionality before an illness and to better understand any aspirations that exist to rekindle something of the past or whether a new start is the preferred way forward.


Continued Evaluation

We evaluate our work at every opportunity; this ensures we follow best practice and can monitor our service, every step of the way. This is of interest to our operational team, the Directors of Sea Sanctuary and to those people/organisations who have invested in our service.

When we evaluate our work we use both internal and external methods, including GAD-7, BDI, and the Warwick-Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale.