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Should You Ask for Mental Health Help? Who do You Turn To?

If you’re starting to wonder if you need to ask for help with your mental health, then the answer is most probably, you do. Whether you go to a friend, a mental health professional, or even call the Samaritans for someone to talk to, there are plenty of ways you can reach out to get some help.

Some people find putting it off is easier – it can be difficult to take the sometimes scary step to actually ask for help. You might not want to admit something’s wrong, be scared of what might happen, or worry about what people might think. The truth is, fear aside, asking for help is not usually only the best course of action, but it can also give you some control back to improve your situation, and that can be empowering.

We’re going to look at a few of the signs you might have noticed, and consider when you need to reach out for mental health support.

Don’t be Afraid to Speak to Your Support Network if…

Your support network might be your mum, your friends, an uncle, your whole family, or even a work colleague, but don’t be afraid to discuss how you feel occasionally if you need to. Your support network can also be GP’s, therapists, student services, workplace support, and charities. We’d always recommend you speak to a GP as a first port of call, but if you’re unwilling to head to the doctor first, make sure you try reaching out to another support service. At schools and universities there is often help for students, and you can always call a helpline if you find yourself feeling desperate. Workplaces are also trying to help their employees manage their mental health better, so you may find you can access good support through your employer.

We’d welcome you to also contact Sea Sanctuary to see if we have any services which could help you, either on land or on board our vessels. Call us on 01326 378919 to find out more.

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Posted on January 6, 2019
By Ashe Fox
In Blog, Featured, Mental Health Blogs

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