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Young Persons Services

Our work with Young People has taken various forms, including projects that focus on maritime activities, the arts and those with a greater emphasis on emotional health.


We use various platforms from which we deliver our service; our wooden yacht, where we adjust our Sail Into Life programme so it is relevant for young people,  paddleboarding, motor boats and our land based facility, ‘Water’s Edge’.

Each one of our programmes is designed to raise young people’s confidence levels, reduce anxiety, and improve their emotional resilience.

Not only are we interested in tackling emotional health but we also look at ways in which we can help young people identify and break down their barriers for future achievements and goals and build their transferable skills, improving their prospects for the future and employability.


We work with young people up to the age of 24 years, tailoring courses to their needs, this has included work with NEET groups (not in education, employment or training), discussing drug and alcohol misuse and goal setting.

Our programmes have been delivered in collaboration with various partners such as Together For Families, Carefree, The Phoenix Project and The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

Please look at the current programmes Sea Sanctuary is offering for Young People.

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