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Building Emotional Resilience


What is Emotional Resilience?

Resilience … it’s a familiar word but what does it mean when we talk about resilience in a child?

We’re talking about a young person’s ability to cope with every day ups and downs and how they bounce back from the challenges they experience during childhood.

Why is Resilience Important?

Resilience is important for mental health in children, as those with greater resilience are able to manage stress–the common response to difficult events– much better.

Stress is a risk factor for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, if the level of stress is severe or ongoing. Resilient children are braver, more curious, more adaptable, happier, and able to extend their reach into the world more effectively.

Building Emotional Resilience

It is our experience that Emotional Resilience can be built and improved over time providing the correct education and support is in place.

Building resilience helps children not only deal with current difficulties that are a part of everyday life, but also to develop the basic skills and healthy habits that will help them deal with challenges later in life, during adolescence, and adulthood.


Sea Sanctuary Emotional Resilience Programmes

Here at Sea Sanctuary, our programmes are geared towards identifying childrens’ current levels of personal resilience and designing a plan of improvement.

Take a look at:-

Take the Helm

Family Therapy

Jump on board

For more information on Emotional Resilience Programmes or our referral process please contact the Sea Sanctuary office on 01326 378 919 or email